We buy agricultural commodities

AGRIPRIME TRADING LLC is a leading agricultural trading company


We are a leading agricultural trading company, offering unrivaled experience and unwavering reliability. Our proven track record makes us the best partner for those looking for a reliable and innovative approach to agricultural trading. Our tailored solutions and extensive network give our suppliers an edge in the competitive market, ensuring their continued success.

Lucrative opportunities open up and profitability flourishes when you’re with us. Choose AGRIPRIME TRADING LLC to take your business to new heights.

Getting started with deliveries at the seaport

We prefer the purchasing of commodities directly at a seaport​

Origination from the producer

In certain cases, we deliver commodities directly from the production using our trusted partners' network

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Doubt if to work with us?

Are you a dedicated farmer, trader or supplier looking for a reliable partner to maximize the potential of your agricultural products? Look no further. We are committed to contribute to your success by providing a seamless and rewarding experience as your trusted buyer. Take advantage of our extensive market knowledge, transparent processes and timely payments, and let us be the driving force behind your growth. Take the first step towards a fruitful partnership by contacting us today
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Choose your preferred mode of transport for efficient delivery

Our warehouses and silos are capable of working with both railway wagons and trucks

Benefits of Working with Us

We are making your agriculture business more profitable and reliable
Competitive prices

We offer competitive prices to ensure you get a fair value for your agricultural products, maximizing your profitability in the market.

Prompt payments

We understand the importance of timely cash flow. With our prompt payment practices, you can rely on us to process payments quickly, ensuring your financial stability and peace of mind.


Count on us as a reliable partner who honours our commitments and adheres to transparent business practices. We prioritize open communication and keep our promises.

Let's Collaborate if You Produce or Trade the Following Commodities

We are always open to new suppliers
We will be glad to work with you

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What our partners say about us

I'm very pleased with my cooperation with Prime. They`ve always been dependable when it comes to buying my commodities. What I appreciate the most is that they always do what they promise, never letting me down. They offered me some of the best prices on the market, which helped me make more money. Furthermore, their service is top-notch – everything runs smoothly and they pay me quickly. I highly recommend Prime to all supplier who wants a reliable and profitable partnership in the industry.
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Supplier of soybeans​

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